Slow Reading

Slow Reading 1: Gilles Deleuze’s Difference and Repetition

Introduction: Repetition and Difference (pp. 1-27)

1.1: Repetition and Generality (pg. 1)
1.2: Repetition as Conduct (pp. 1-2)
1.3: Repetition and (State and Natural) Law (pp. 2-3)
1.4: Repetition and Scientific Experiment (pg. 3)
1.5: Repetition and Moral Law (pp. 3-4)
1.6: Repetition, Moral Law, and Habits (pp. 4-5)
1.7 : Repetition, Moral Law, and Comedy (pg. 5)
1.8: Repetition, Kierkegaard, and Nietzsche (pp. 5-8)
1.9: Repetition, Theater, and Movement (pp. 8-10)
1.10: Repetition and Mediation (pp. 10-11)
1.11: Repetition and Concepts/Representation (Notes on Péguy and Marx) (pp. 11-12)
1.12: Repetition, Concepts, and Artificial Blockage (pg. 12)
1.13: Repetition, Natural Blockage, and Nominal Concepts (pp. 12-13)
1.14: Repetition on the Road Thus Far (pp. 1-13)
1.15: Repetition, Natural Blockage, and Concepts of Nature (pp. 13-14)
1.16: Repetition, Natural Blockage, and Concepts of Freedom (pp. 14-15)
1.17: Repetition, Repression, and the Death Drive, Part One (pp. 15-18)
1.18: Repetition, Repression, and the Death Drive, Part Two (pp. 18-19) (featuring Jacques Derrida!)
1.19: Repetition, Motifs, Causality, Signs, and Essence (pp. 19-20)
1.20: Repetition, Symmetry, Rhythm, Evolution, and Rhyme (pp. 20-22)
1.21: Repetition, Signs, Encounters, and Education (pp. 22-23)
1.22: Repetition, Difference, and Deleuze’s Charm (pp. 23-24) [featuring Virginia Woolf!]
1.23: Internal Repetition and Non-Mediated Difference (pp. 24-26)
1.24: The Essence of Repetition and the Idea of Difference (pp. 26-27)

Chapter 1: Difference in Itself

1.25: Difference and Indifference (pp. 28-29)
1.26: Taming Difference… (pg. 29) [featuring my childhood preoccupation with dinosaurs…]
1.27: Differences, Concepts, Propitious Moments, and Selective Tests (pp. 29-30)
1.28: Aristotelian Detour (Metaphysics, Book X, Part 3)
1.29: Greatest Difference, Contrariety, Specific Difference (pp. 30-31)
1.30: Effect of Specific Differences on Genera (pg. 31)
1.31: Guidebooks on Deleuze/Aristotle, Deleuze’s Nietzschean Challenge to Aristotle (pp. 31-32)
1.32: Summary of Chapter 1, Specific vs. Generic Differences, the Entrance of Being (pp. 28-33)
1.33: Generic Difference, Being, and the Analogy of Judgment (pp. 33-34)
1.34: Literary Study and Difference as Reflexive Concept (pp. 34-35)

Slow Reading 2: Virginia Woolf’s Three Guineas

Chapter/Section 1

2.1: Becoming an Odd Addressee (pg. 5)
2.2: Reflecting on Difficulties (pg. 5)
2.3: Sketching the Addressee, Sketching Desire (pp. 5-6)
2.4: The Precipice Immanent to the Educated Class (pp. 6-8)


  1. Slow Reading of Gilles Deleuze’s Difference and Repetition is simply incredible. Detailed and profound. There’s nothing that compares to it available anywhere else. I am so grateful to Prof. Hagen for this and looking forward to upcoming sections. Thank you so much.

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