Proust 2020/2021

As a way to give myself some structure heading into a year of uncertainty—one that will probably be followed by many years of uncertainty should we manage to survive it—I’ve decided (after getting the idea from a photo of a close friend’s home office) to reread Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time this year, completing the enormous novel a little more than a year out from my decision to self-quarantine.

You’re free to follow along.

Here’s the schedule I’ve made myself, adapted from a “Proust in a Year” schedule I found online.

I’m keeping some rough notes on my weekly reading here. You’re welcome to dialogue with me if you’d like. If anyone abuses this freedom, I’ll adjust the Sharing settings.

I’ve also built a bibliography of secondary sources on Proust and Woolf. I’ve done this because the friends who put the idea in my head to reread Proust are all Woolf scholars. I figured it might be of interest to them.

As someone obsessed with Deleuze, I’ve also been busy building a table that helps English language readers track citations in Proust and Signs from the 3-volume French edition of A la recherche (commonly used before the Tadié edition of the late 1980s) and the Moncrieff–Kilmartin–Enright edition that is pretty commonly used here in the U.S.