V. Woolf’s NIGHT AND DAY (1919) according to the FRIENDS Episode Template

Inspired by a discussion of Night and Day with my Senior Capstone students (Fall 2019).

Night and Day (1919)
Virginia Woolf

Chapter 1: The One with Mr. Fortescue’s Sentences
Chapter 2: The One with the Decrepit Rook
Chapter 3: The One with Secret Mathematics
Chapter 4: The One with William Rodney’s Lecture
Chapter 5: The One with News of Bennett’s Theory of Truth
Chapter 6: The One with Typewriters (But No Cake)
Chapter 7: The One with Mr. Hilbery’s Theory of Fellow-Enthusiasts
Chapter 8: The One with All of the Letters
Chapter 9: The One with Meaningless Talk of Elders
Chapter 10: The One with Ralph’s Bad Advice
Chapter 11: The One with a Lost Basket of Oysters
Chapter 12: The One with Mrs. Cosham’s Pocket Shakespeare
Chapter 13: The One with an Invitation to Disham
Chapter 14: The One with the Committee Meeting
Chapter 15: The One with Real Country
Chapter 16: The One with Stars
Chapter 17: The One with Depressing Marriage Talk
Chapter 18: The One with Feelings
Chapter 19: The One with Cruellest Treachery
Chapter 20: The One with Subterranean Wires
Chapter 21: The One with Silence, Side by Side
Chapter 22: The One with the Prospect of a New Relationship Altogether
Chapter 23: The One with Additional Feelings
Chapter 24: The One with Mrs. Hilbery’s Theory of Shakespeare
Chapter 25: The One with Kew Gardens
Chapter 26: The One with the Convenient Cousin
Chapter 27: The One with Bears, Apes, and Denhams
Chapter 28: The One with Ralph Raving About the Streets
Chapter 29: The One with Mrs. Milvain’s Hot Gossip
Chapter 30: The One with the Upright Figure Standing Beneath the Lamp-Post
Chapter 31: The One with Katharine Raving About the Streets
Chapter 32: The One with the Alliance and Mr. Hilbery’s Specific Against Disagreeables
Chapter 33: The One with the Extravagant, Inconsiderate, Uncivilized Male
Chapter 34: The One with the Pointless Walk


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