58 Poems: Visualizing Intellectual Labor

During the first six weeks of the semester, each of my Introduction to Criticism students composed three “close readings” of three poems of their choice. Most poems (per my suggestion) were chosen from Poetry Foundation‘s online archive.

Below is a complete list of the poets and poems students chose to analyze, along with links to texts of these poems. Next to the titles, I’ve included “Paper #1,” “#2,” or “#3” to indicate which round of close readings the poems correspond to. By chance, some students chose to analyze the same poem, which is why a few of the entries have more than one “Paper” designation.

Why compile this list?

It’s instructive and enlightening to visualize the intellectual labor of students and to remind oneself of their efforts, no matter the particular skill of individual students.

This list expresses just a fraction of their work this semester.

Our work.

  1. Alexie, Sherman. “How to Write the Great American NovelPaper #2
  2. Angelou, Maya. “Human FamilyPaper #1
  3. Angelou, Maya. “A Plagued Journey Paper #1
  4. Angelou, Maya. “Phenomenal WomanPaper #3
  5. Arnold, Matthew. “Dover Beach Paper #1
  6. Bilgere, George. “The ForgePaper #2
  7. Bradstreet, Ann. “Prologue Paper #1
  8. Cole, Norma. “Black FlowersPaper #2
  9. Deniord, Chard. “In the GrassPaper #3
  10. Diaz, Joanne. “PsychomachiaPaper #3
  11. Dickinson, Emily. “There’s a certain Slant of light, (320)Paper #1
  12. Dietz, Maggie. “Love SongPaper #2
  13. Donne, John. “The Canonization” Paper #1 | Paper #2
  14. Donne, John. “Holy Sonnets: Death, be not proud Paper #1
  15. Dunn, Stephen. “PropositionsPaper #3
  16. Frost, Robert. “Good-bye, and Keep ColdPaper #3
  17. Frost, Robert. “The Road Not TakenPaper #3
  18. Gay, John. “To a Young Lady, With Some Lampreys Paper #1
  19. Hoagland, Tony. “How It Adds UpPaper #2
  20. Hoagland, Tony. “Sweet RuinPaper #2
  21. Holmes, Sr., Oliver Wendell. “The Chambered NautilusPaper #2
  22. Housman, A.E. “The Laws of God, the Laws of ManPaper #2
  23. Keats, John. “Ode on a Grecian UrnPaper #3 | Paper #3
  24. King, Amy. “PerspectivePaper #2
  25. Laurentiis, Rickey. “Swing LowPaper #2
  26. Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. “NaturePaper #3
  27. McDaniel, Jeffrey. “The Quiet WorldPaper #3
  28. McKay, Claude. “If We Must DiePaper #2
  29. Mali, Taylor. “Undivided Attention Paper #1
  30. Michelson, Richard. “Green BananasPaper #2
  31. Moore, Clark. “Strikes and GuttersPaper #3
  32. Morley, Hilda. “And I in My Bed Again Paper #1
  33. Mueller, Lisel. “Love Like SaltPaper #3
  34. Niakliaeu, Uladzimir. “A Script Paper #1 | Paper #3
  35. Oswald, Alice. “Body Paper #1
  36. Owen, Wilfred. “Smile, Smile, SmilePaper #2
  37. Plath, Sylvia. “Morning SongPaper #2
  38. Poe, Edgar Allan. “Annabel Lee Paper #1 | Paper #3
  39. Poe, Edgar Allan. “Dream Within a Dream Paper #2
  40. Purpura, Lia. “Solitude Paper #1
  41. Roethke, Theodore. “The Waking Paper #1
  42. Roripaugh, Lee Ann. “Happy HourPaper #2
  43. Plath, Sylvia. “Fever 103º Paper #1
  44. Plath, Sylvia. “Lady Lazarus Paper #1
  45. Shakespeare, William. Macbeth Paper #1
  46. Shapiro, David. “Tattoo for Gina Paper #1
  47. Tennyson, Alfred Lord. “Tears, Idle TearsPaper #2
  48. Twemlow, Nick. “Wide Awake in a Field of DeadboltsPaper #3
  49. Vuong, Ocean. “A Little Closer to the EdgePaper #2
  50. Whitman, Walt. “I Hear America SingingPaper #3
  51. Whitman, Walt. “O Captain! My Captain!” Paper #1
  52. Whitman, Walt. “O Me! O Life!Paper #2
  53. Wordsworth, William. “The Solitary Reaper Paper #1
  54. Wordsworth, William. “We Are SevenPaper #3
  55. Wyatt, Sir Thomas. “My Lute AwakePaper #3
  56. Yeats, W.B. “The Circus Animals’ Desertion Paper #1
  57. Yeats, W.B. “A Meditation in Time of WarPaper #3
  58. Yeats, W.B. “To a Child Dancing Upon the ShorePaper #3

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