Standing Workstation Experiment

As someone who struggles to focus while writing, I’ve learned that getting out of a desk chair—to get a snack, to go to the bathroom, to get a drink, simply to think—makes it harder to get back into a piece of writing. And yet as someone who struggles to focus while writing, I also have trouble sitting in one place for very long. Last night it occurred to me that I should experiment with a standing workstation. Though standing workstations are advertised as “healthier” and “life saving” (sitting down is slowly killing us all!), I am anticipating that standing-while-writing will also help me be more productive. Even if I lose focus or need to leave my office, I’ve already found that I can move much more easily back into a piece of writing once I return.

The experiment is still ongoing, but my improvised workstation is working quite nicely, even if it isn’t aesthetically pleasing:


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