So while my partner and I were doing laundry at the local laundromat, the “story” concerning Pew Research Center’s recent study of women in the workforce—certainly more worthy of American TV viewers’ time than the violent and expanding riots in Turkey—compelled both of us (though mostly my partner) to yell, “This isn’t news! Why are you presenting this as if it were a social crisis?!”

And this was just the network evening news. The coverage of this study on Fox News predictably took a more hysterical approach. I have not bothered to watch it (why should anyone?), but plenty of people on my Facebook newsfeed felt compelled to post it and to post this:

did watch Megyn Kelly, and while I felt flustered when she felt the need to ease the men’s minds that, no, she wasn’t a “feminist” (God forbid!), what I took away from the exchange was neither her counterpoints nor her calm fury. I just couldn’t get the stupid grinning face of Lou Dobbs out of my head. How else could I read his broad, reddening, grinning face as saying anything other than, “Oh boy, me and this other guy get to have this ‘dominant’ blond all to ourselves! Spank us again! We’re guilty! Tell us, again, how there can be all sorts of domestic arrangements and partnerships that are ‘healthy’ for our children! I can’t wait to tell the boys about ‘my time with Megyn.'”

His face, his demeanor, his defensiveness, his obvious pleasure-taking at getting dominated in this two-on-one exchange disgusts me as a feminist and as a man. Even more, it disgusts me that anyone could take seriously that more women in the workforce could be considered a social crisis. No, Turkey is undergoing a crisis, a critical, noteworthy, violent, heartbreaking, and exciting flux in social life. This is news. And these are pepper gas canisters:

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