Office Space (“On the third floor, by the elevator…”)

In addition to teaching a section of Literary Theory and Criticism at URI’s Providence campus this semester, I taught two sections of “Research Writing” at its main campus in Kingston. Since a one-hour bus ride separates the city and the rural campuses (and since my office is on the city campus), I had to request some sort of space from the Department of Writing & Rhetoric in order to meet with my 46 writing students. Imagine my slight surprise when I first met my new space:


A few weeks into the semester, one of my students cleverly dubbed my office hours, my “alcove hours.” Rather fitting, I’d say.

Here’s the view across the narrow hallway:


And my official “sign”:


Although I would have preferred official office space — and often peeked wistfully into the open office doors of the Writing & Rhetoric faculty around me (bookshelves! desks! tables!) — I slowly learned to love this charming alcove. Indeed, I spent several Monday and Friday afternoons lounging with a student or two, discussing their work in my class, their research interests, and their uncertainties about the future… I do think I’ll miss it, and I do hope I get to see a few of them again.

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